Artist Spotlight: Ulrich Schwanitz - You & Me - The Scrappies Bronze Figurines

Ulrich Schwanitz from Venlo, Netherlands creates bronze sculptures and pendants from 3D digital designs. His latest creation, the "You & Me" figurines from the "Scrappies" series represent love, affection and mutual commitment - emotions that everyone values and never loses their significance.

The bronze figurines are inspired by everything you can find in a scrapyard: old nuts and bolts, tin cans, pipes, coils, parts of ball bearings, but they are actually manufactured in a novel "3D printing" process. Ulrich is now running a campaign at Indiegogo and will personalize the figurines with two initials of your choice.

This video showcases Ulrich's truly unique gift product:

Video of Ulrich's 'Mom and Girl' Figurine:

The following video (takes 5 minutes, worthwhile watching) explains the 3D printing and manufacturing process used to make Ulrich's sculptures.
Some photos of Ulrich's figurines:
Dancing Couple
The Gardener
Biker Girl
You can support and find out more about Ulrich's Campaign here:

Ulrich Schwanitz can also be found elsewhere on the web at:

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trompe venlo said...

Thanks for featuring us so nicely.

If anybody wants to help us with the campaign, please use this link for sharing:

Many Thanks,
Ulrich Schwanitz