Fairy flower - 2013 Calendar Poster by SuevianArts

Abstract geometric fractal design featuring a brightly colored orange flower floating in a dreamy magical world, full of similar smaller flowers over a beautiful blue background. The rare asymmetrical geometric pattern of this image, together with its eye-catching colors, make it a highly decorative design for any environment. This poster includes a 2013 calendar, but it also available as a regular poster, as well as in zoomed out version - also available as calendar - at my store.

Fairy flower - 2013 Calendar Poster
Fairy flower - 2013 Calendar Poster by SuevianArts

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Posters: floral, fractals, colorful, colourful, digital, fanciful, imaginative, original, geometric design, fractal design, abstract design, fractal, creative, unique, suevianarts, posters

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